How to restore sexual enjoyment when you are circumcised

When a man realises he has been damaged by circumcision, he can feel very bleak. But you can reduce the damage and get the sex you’re missing.

Circumcision is a permanent mutilation. Circumcision is cruel and unjust. And circumcision does actually damage sexual function.

But you do have options to restore your sexual functioning.

I can highly, highly recommend the book Decircumcision: Foreskin Restoration, Methods and Circumcision Practices

Russell Crowe knows circumcision is wrong

Sometimes it takes a celebrity to call out a barbaric practise like circumcision, which people assume is OK just because it has been going on for so long.

Russell Crowe went public with his concerns about circumcision back in 2011.

He described it as “barbaric and stupid”.

He reasserted his criticism of circumcision in 2014 by promoting the efforts by Caprica Is Burning, a twitter user trying to fight a legal battle against circumcision of her son.

Mr Crowe could see something that medical professionals and other “experts” refuse to see, that circumcision is an evil and pointless practice.

Is circumcision illegal in the US?

There are strong grounds to suggest male infant circumcision is criminal child abuse.

Circumcision of males debilitates them in the long term and is painful. Sexual function is reduced. The babies aren’t even anaesthetised.

Therefore, legally, because circumcision has no medical justification in most cases, it is a form of assault. Indeed, it is actually sexual assault – in fact it is child sexual abuse!

For detailed legal reasoning, I recommend having a read through a legal opinion by Peter W Adler in the Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest.

Amongst his arguments are the fundamental common law rights constitutional protections which everyone in the US has. In fact, because there is a specific US federal law against female genital mutilation, it is highly probable that the equal protection clause of the US constitution extends this protection to infant males.

As outlined above, circumcision is actually criminal child abuse. A Texas ruling found that unnecessary surgery on a child was child abuse – there is almost no surgical procedure as unnecessary as circumcision. It is the very definition of institutionalized child abuse.

Sickening news from the Center for Disease Control

The sickos at the US Center for Disease Control have made a draft recommendation in favor of routine circumcision of male babies.

One would have thought in an age of enlightenment, with the internet giving us quick and easy access to information, that sense and reason would prevail.

But in fact the opposite is the case. Because circumcision rates are falling in the US due to people reading up on circumcision, the perverts in the US medical establishment are very concerned and have decided to go out of their way to impose their dogma on innocent little kids and their uninformed parents.

But isn’t routine circumcision a miracle cure-all for sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV? Or at least reduce transmission rates?

Well maybe it does, for men having unprotected casual sex. But why would a man take such risks in the first place? Maybe because he feels that his sex life is strangely lacking something. Something that he can’t quite put his finger on. Maybe he feels sex should be better. Maybe he feels he can’t use a condom because the sex just wouldn’t be good enough. Maybe removing the foreskin has damaged his sex life and he takes greater risks as a result!

Do the esteemed medical profession even think of that when they recommend routine circumcision? Of course not, they are dogmatic sadistic sickos. Science and evidence are totally irrelevant to their doctrinal pronouncements.

The medical profession’s strange attitude to circumcision

The practice of circumcising baby boys exposes the truth behind the American medical profession – that it is not really interested in a scientific approach to medical issues.

The reasons given to justify circumcision have varied over time. Circumcision has been justified as preventing masturbation. That was abandoned decades ago. Now the excuses have shifted to reducing vulnerability to various diseases, which of course changes over time, whether it be the traditional venereal diseases and more recent afflictions such as HIV.

The truth is circumcision is a cultural practice, just like female circumcision. It has nothing to do with medicine or science.

A German court recently saw through the lies about circumcision and banned the practice. This brave decision was however nullified by the legislature.

Circumcision is wrong, plain and simple.

Circumcised men are now waking up to the injustice of their situation and talking about circumcision.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, which endorses circumcision, is nothing more than a bunch of quacks.

Men speak out about circumcision

Circumcision is a confronting topic for most men. Including yours truly. But it’s important.

What man would volunteer to have part of his penis cut off for no medical reason? I wouldn’t. I’m guessing you wouldn’t either.

Then why is it OK for a doctor to cut off part of a baby boy’s penis? He’s a baby. He can’t tell the doctor to get lost. The little boy is restrained and mutilated without anaesthetic.

Little boys are circumcised without anaesthetic
Baby boy being circumcised

Times are changing

Thanks to the internet men are becoming aware that circumcision is medically unnecessary and barbaric practice — and that it has very serious consequences through the rest of his life.

Missing out

Don’t think you’re missing out?

Circumcised men don’t even know the pleasurable sensations that they are missing out on. How many relationships have been destroyed this way? It’s impossible to know.

Confronting the facts about circumcision is a difficult thing for a man to do, because usually he is alone on this journey.

But you needn’t feel alone. Men are telling their private, painful stories of circumcision — and the ways they found to recover what they had never had.